The Bands of Wando High School has achieved an extraordinary record of excellence in all phases of band competition in marching, concert, jazz and individual student achievement for over 15 years. That achievement requires dedicated students, excellent instructors, supportive parents and significant funding.

The Bands of Wando Foundation is dedicated to providing funding to ensure all middle school and high school students can participate in this life changing experience regardless of their individual economic situations.

The Foundation is composed of volunteers so that all the funds can go to the bands.

Private Lesson Academy for Deserving Students

Individual private lessons are an extremely important element in the success of band students. Many students begin taking private lessons in middle school and continue private studies during high school. Private lessons enable students reach their full potential. However, private lessons are expensive and not all students can afford the costs.

The Bands of Wando Foundation provides funding through our Private Lesson Academy to talented and economically deserving students who otherwise could not access lessons. The Foundation works closely with the band directors who recommend potential students and the directors negotiate the best price possible with the instructors. Then, the Foundation signs an agreement with the students and their parents that the student will practices and make reasonable progress in order to participate in the lessons.

A full student scholarship for the school year costs $960.00. The Foundation gladly accepts full scholarship or partial donations.

The Legacy Program for Band Fee Scholarships

Participation in the Bands of Wando is expensive. Instruments and travel to competitions cost approach and exceed $1,000.00. These travel and instrument fees are not covered by Charleston County school fees.

The Bands of Wando Foundation helps deserving students remain in the band by helping pay the fees. The Foundation meets regularly with the band directors from Wando High School, Cario Middle and Laing Middle Schools to identify and assist talented and motivated student that are unable to participate in band due to the costs.

A band fee scholarship for the school year starts at $960.00. The Foundation gladly accepts full scholarship or partial donations.

Instrument Purchase for Middle Schools and Wando

Musical instrument are expensive and must be maintained regularly. In many cases, students require a marching instrument and a better instrument for concerts or even a different instrument for concert band. Additionally, many large instrument area not rented by commercial vendors and can only be obtained by from the school inventory. Our schools' inventories are limited and aging. The Foundation provides assistance to our high school and middle schools to buy instrument.

Recent Instrument Prices

Tuba $3,800
French Horn $3,500
Tenor Sax $2,800
Bari Sax $6,600
Marimba 5 Octave $20,000

Instrument Donations for Tax Savings

The Bands of Wando Foundation is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit foundation. You can donate an instrument to the foundation and the foundation will provide a tax donation form for the fair market value for your taxes. If you have an instrument that you no longer need, please consider donating it to the Foundation. The Foundation will find it a good home at one of our schools.  Please contact to donate an instrument.

Music Instructor Assistance

The Wando High School Band frequently engage nationally known experts to visit and instruct our students in marching, concert, jazz and individual section studies. These instructors are invaluable to the band but, they have a cost for the band. Even, if the visiting experts donate their time, there are expenses for travel, lodging and food. The Foundation helps pay for these important additional instructors.

General Band Assistance

Occasionally, the Band has a need for special items. The Foundation provides financial help with those needs. The Foundation has purchased large semi-trailer for transportation to competitions, sound system for marching and concerts, ATV for prop movement and band stands for the Jazz Band.